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Posted By James Cresswell 


Monitored alarms, audible only alarms, security guards-part time or full time- all these factors need to be considered when choosing the type of security you want for your business.


Whether you decide on a cobination of security personnel and supplement this protection by usiing some type of alarm system, the important thing is to have a secure building, while maintaining protection for your employees and anyone who comes to your business.


Before deciding on your security needs, you should:


> Have a security consultation with a proffesional security company.

> Talk to owners with other businesses in your area.

> Local emergency personnel are another source of information and may even be able to tell you the average

response time of monitored systems in your location.

> The internet is a valuable resource tool and can provide almost anything you would want to know about

different systems and technologies available.


The more information you know, the better decision you will make on what type of security to have for your







AUGUST Commercial Security Tip: Choose What Type Of Security Is Best For Your Business

AUGUST Residential Security Tip: Home Security Should Never Be Neglected

Posted By James Cresswell 


No matter how large or small your home is, security is not something you should neglect, period.  A home security system is the best way to protect your family, home and belongings.  A home security system is more than just an alarm- being secure means also being aware of your neighbourhood and where emrgency services are located.


Some things you need to consider when making your home secure are:


Valuables- Most intruders will take small items, even though they are intitially looking for pricier items such as

electronics or cash.  Take stock of what you own as far as jewellery or other valuables.  That way, if your home is

broken into, you will know what's missing.


Timing- is everybody leaving and returning at the same time each day? Do you leave and return all together or at

seprate times? Potential intruders spend weeks monitoring your movements, looking for the most opportune time

to break into your home.  if someone is at home all the time, or if you and your family have a less consistent

schedule,you lower the risk of being broken into.


Light it up- Adding external motion lights to your home helps lessen the risk of being attacked outside your home

at noght.  They also draw attention to anyone entering your property.






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